KAMINARI is a glittering guitar. We sealed butterfly specimen, sandglass, and plaster sculpture with transparent resin. When the guitar is not glittering, resinous surface reflects light with half mirror. LED color control panel and removable battery are set up at the back of the guitar, which makes maneuvering during live stage performance easier. Dozens of different luminance patterns can be produced with LED panel, so it is possible to change guitar’s visual according to live concept.


(Performance examples)

JULON: Break My Sky MV
SILLY: gravures of Mai Nishida and Salio Okada
AbemaTV: video works of Sayuki Matsumoto in Silly TV Girls Gravure




JUON:「BREAK MY SKY」のMV内で使用(ギター貸出)
AbemaTV:「SILLY TV GIRLS GRAVURE」 松本さゆきの映像作品で使用

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