54th All Japan Model & Hobby Show exhibition “AGP Kancolle Yamato photo booth”

We produced LED panels for photo booths of official cosplayers who participated in All Japan Model & Hobby Show for promotion of AGP Kancolle Yamato, which is a figure of Yamato, a character from popular game Kantai Collection. With LED panels set on the floor we projected a video reproducing reproduced user interface of Kancolle and sea surface of fleet battles.

At this example we are using a rough resolution of 6 mm pixel pitch because of client’s materials limits, but resolution as high as 3 mm pixel pitch is possible. In addition to the floor, LED panels can also be set at the back to create three-dimensional performance. Also it is possible to connect LED panels into a gigantic screen. Adding some interaction using Kinect can also be interesting.


第54回 全日本模型ホビーショー 展示:「 AGP 艦これ 大和 フォトブース 」



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