Mercedes-Benz FashionWeek TOKYO Runway:「 JOTARO SAITO 2015 s/s 」


今回はJOTARO SAITOの和装イメージに合わせ、ランプシェードに紙風船を用いましたが、異なる素材を用いたシェードを取り付けることで空間に合わせた演出が可能になります。例えば、同じLEDシステムですが、シェードに浮揚感のある可愛らしいゴム風船を用い、avexの女性アイドルグループ「Ceeky Parade」のライブ演出も行いました。

We designed an original full-color LED, which can be joined as string of beads and a system (both soft and hard), which allows to perform VJ-like illumination from iPad. All elements of electronic substrate are hand-made. We developed minimal design in order to shorten setting time.
This time we used balloons made of Japanese paper washi as lampshades, so that it matches the image of JOTARO SAITO’s Japanese clothing, but using other materials as lampshades can create images suitable for very different spaces. For example, the same LED system with cute gum balloons created a floating feeling when used in live performance of “Ceeky Parade”, girl idol music group from “avex” entertainment agency.