Sensing Display

BANDAI 魂ネイション2012 展示:「 センシングディスプレイ 」




BANDAI Tamashii Nation 2012 Exhibition “Sensing Display”

Product information is displayed at the feet of each figure. By moving figures closer to each other, it is possible to do a performance at their feet, according to characters’ images. For example, in animated performance Gandam characters would attack each other with beam rifles and bits, while One Piece ones would kick and punch each other. At the back screens the most famous episodes from each anime are displayed.

We used transparent acrylic boards with DILAD screens as table surface, LED lights behind figures are controlled by WEB cameras set under the table. From LED lights projected with WEB cameras we get coordinates of each figure location and based on those coordinates make video projections on table surface using Ultra Short Focus Projector.

*A work from ATARI event where Saijo CEO participated as a freelance planner and director.