Hacosco key application

ハコスコ基幹アプリ:「 SRVIEWER 」 / 「 Q 」

SR ViewerはカジュアルHMD「ハコスコ」の、基礎システムとなった全天周動画ビューワアプリです。理化学研究所の社会神経科学者である藤井直敬博士の提案する「代替現実感=SR(Substitutional Reality)」のコンシューマ化を目指し、現在の「ハコスコアプリ」のプロトタイプとして、同氏と共に開発しました。Apple StoreからダウンロードできるSR Viewerとはべつに、イベント向け仕様のSR Viewerもあります。イベント向けのものは、iPadから、SR ViewerをインストールしてあるiPhoneを同時に50台程度遠隔操作できるため、GIZMODO8周年イベントや、旅博におけるHISブースの催しなど、複数人にVRを同時体験してもらうようなシーンで利用されました。その他、SR Viewerと同機能ですがファッション向けのコンテンツに特化させた「Q」を制作し、世界ではじめてパリ・コレクションの全天周動画コンテンツを配信しました。


Hacosco key application “SR Viewer”, “Q”

SR Viewer is the whole sky video viewer application which became a basic system for casual HMD Hacosco. We developed it as a prototype of existing “Hacosco application” together with Dr. Naotaka Fujii, social neuroscientist from RIKEN (Institute of Physical and Chemical Research) in order to promote ‘Substitutional Reality’ proposed by him. Apart from SR Viewer which can be downloaded from Apple Store, there is also SR Viewer for events. With the latter it is possible to remote control up to 50 iPhones with installed SR Viewer from one iPad at the same time, it was successfully used to make several guests experience VR at the same time at different events, such as GIZMODO8 and. Besides, we developed “Q”, an application with the same functions as SR Viewer but specialized on fashion contents and were the first in the world to send the whole sky video of Paris Collection using it.

We made the whole sky video with sticking panorama video called equirectangular to 3D sphere as texture. We also tracked head movements with acceleration sensor and gyroscope and combined it with Hacosco to create feeling of immersion at the same level as original HMD but much easier.