Tetutaro Saijo

Here are tropical jungles where electronics and organics are mixed into original cocktail. Here the spicy curry smell and free wi-fi flow together through uncountable species of plants. You feel dizzy? Ate something bad? Afraid of being bitten by poisonous snake? Well, close your eyes and sit down in the middle of the room. A treasure which only Indy Jones can get, that’s what Tetutaro Saijo is. And he always supports us.


Was born in1986 in Sendai. Works as CEO of METACRAFT and writer, producer, photographer.

Finished Graduate School of Media Design of Keio University.

Participated in GIZMODO as a writer since graduate school.

After getting Master Degree, worked as freelance planner and director, mainly with advertisements and digital installations for events.

He also writes about art and culture focusing on technology and gadgets and extending his activity as writer and curator to domestic and overseas media such as WIRED.

In 2014 he founded METACRAFT and released magazine SILLY.

In 2016 he sold SILLY to Syber Agent but continues working as editor and art director.


ここは電子と有機質が交わったトロピカルジャングル。幾万種の植物とfree wifiが織り成す混沌とした空気は、あたかもスパイシーなカリーのかおり。君の目が回るのは、なんか悪いもん拾って食ったからじゃね? 毒蛇に噛まれるのが怖けりゃ部屋ん中で目つぶって正座してろ。インディ・ジョーンズにしか手に入れられない財宝、それが西條鉄太郎です。平素より御世話になっております。




[雑誌連載] WIRED「<a href="https://wired.jp/2017/06/12/yatte-mita-vol21/" target="blank">WIRED X つくってみた</a>」:Text/Concept(〜2017)

THE DAY「街中美女とifの世界」:Photo/Text/Concept(〜2017)

[ライター] GIZMODO(〜2013)


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